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Our mission

FYP Education provides information via online and print distribution to offenders both in prison and in the community. The goal is to inform and assist former offenders with reintegration into the community and to live law-abiding and productive lives

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Education provided by FYP Education will empower you to live a more informed life

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Our material will provide new insights on how to succeed in this challenging climate

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Our material is available in print format to be available to those who do not have access to the Internet

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Who we are

FYP Education is a team of experts that assist former offenders with reintegration and living a life that is law-abiding and productive

What are our values

We aim to provide accurate, actionable information in a timely fashion that can be used by the community to live lives free of confinement

What is our philosophy

Former offenders have unique challenges to overcome. We aim to close the gap in understanding how to live a highly functional life

What is our mission

Our mission is to inform, to education, to empower former offenders to make informed decisions to have the most productive life possible

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Our testimonials

The information provided by FYP Education has greatly benefited me and my family. It is fantastic information that is always spot on and timely. Thank you!
Tammy Mingus
Tammy Mingus
FYP Education is AMAZING! Bar none. This is the best resource available for people trying to learn how to navigate the issues surrounding reintegrating into the community. Thank you FYP Education!
Rob Kaso
Rob Kaso

Thank you for the registry matters podcast. The information and content are so helpful and enlightening!!

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